Information regarding the trip

This information was contained in an email sent out the beginning of November)


At the last several parent meetings we have discussed the idea of traveling once again with the band.  While many bands regularly travel, it has been some time since Tremont has taken a trip.  We believe the trip would be team-building, educational, memorable, and fun!  We would like to re-establish a travel rotation that would happen every four years – giving each HS band student the chance to travel at least once with the band while in HS.


Tuesday night at the band parent meeting I discussed what a trip would entail. After getting information from several travel agents, we think we have it narrowed down to the best itinerary and company.  


We are looking at the option of performing at a Bowl game over Christmas Break 2016.  After a survey of current High School band students:


  • The students chose ORLANDO over San Antonio nearly 2:1.
  • 100%of the Freshman-Juniors expressed interest in a band trip.
  • Over 50% listed expense as the biggest concern.
  • 77% of the HS students in band believe a proposed trip would be a great incentive to get more people in band.


While the trip would not be mandatory, my goal would be 20 - 30 students participating in the trip.  


At the parent meeting, the initial response was positive, with two main concerns: COST and TIMING.


  • I researched several quotes; COSTS would total between $1000 - $1500+ per child, so as a parent, I have a concern as well!  However, as a result of the hard work of the kids and parents in the band fundraiser over the years, we believe we could bring the cost of the trip down to $600-700 range per child.
  • The options for TIMING a multi-day trip are limited, but some parents may not prefer their kids traveling during the Christmas holiday.


We also discussed the idea of smaller trip options.  For instance, we have been granted tickets to observe a Chicago Symphony Orchestra rehearsal in February.  If we decide not to take a Orlando trip, we could try and turn the Symphony observation into an overnight trip and include Medieval Times for instance and a hotel stay to still give the students a musical and fun trip.  It would just be a different kind of experience.