Trip Update 4.18.16

Good Morning!


We are starting to finalize some plans for the trip the HS Band is taking to Orlando in December.  (I asked Mrs. Genard for a list of students that have signed up to take HS band next year because I wanted to make sure everyone gets a chance to travel if they like. You do not need to travel to Orlando to be in band - the trip is optional)


1.  The payment schedule for the trip has been established.  We are trying to space it out in such a way that the organization can meet the payments listed on our contract as well as give families opportunity to spread things out.  

  • $150 Payment by May 24

  • $200 Payment by September 15

  • Remainder ($200-300 once itinerary is finalized) by November 1

Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns.


2.  We are beginning to put together some fundraiser ideas to allow students that wish to reduce their expected cost a bit.  More details will follow in the next week or so.  I can tell you we have several ideas that will involve raising funds beyond our community (we already ask the community to help with the annual fundraiser).  We will be looking for students and parents to volunteer at the different events.  Many thanks to the committee of parents that volunteered to help with this and get things moving!


3.  If you have not yet committed, there is still time to join the trip!  We will ask that you talk to Mr. Hillrich and be prepared to make the initial commitment ($50) and the first payment ($150) by the end of May.  More info about the trip can be found at the school website.


Let me know if there are any questions I can address!


Dave Hillrich