Trip Update 9.6.16

Welcome to September!

Trip planning and preparation is starting to head into full swing this month!  Let me tell you about a few items regarding the trip:
Online Registration
The travel company, World Strides OnStage, has an online registration for all trip attenders.  If you are traveling on the trip (student or chaperone), please take the time to register this week!  The housing lists and trip costs will be generated through this list so it is important that it is accurate.  See this link for the registration information.
That reminds me, if you are going to be down in Florida during the trip, but not necessarily a chaperone, I would like to know that as well!  Please fill out this form.
Next Payment
The next trip payment of $200 is due on September 15.  If you are traveling on this trip, you should have a total of $400 paid toward the estimated cost by September 15th.  Please plan accordingly and let me know if there are any concerns.
The last payment will be due on November 1st.
The Parent Committee that is helping with trip planning is lining up some fundraisers for the trip.  We are planning that all funds raised will go into a "pool" of funds and at the end of the fundraisers, the money will be distributed between all attending students.  It is our hope that we will be able to help bring down the price of the trip.  The following events are being planned right now:
1.  Pizza Ranch September 19, 5-8 p.m. @ the Morton Pizza ranch.  10% of all sales will go to the band from that evening.
We are asking for:
  • Workers 6-7 student workers as well as 1-2 parents per hour.  Must be 16 or older to work the bus tubs.  Sign up sheets are in the band room - please encourage your children to sign up!  A Volunteer Release for the student workers can be found here.  Workers will be asked to wear band T shirts to promote our organization that evening.
  • Families that would come and support the band by eating at the Pizza Ranch that evening.
2. Community Garage Sale, September 24th
We would like to host a garage sale here in front of the HS on the morning of the town-wide garage sales, with all proceeds going toward the band trip.  The idea is that band families would donate items to sell in the garage sale, as well as help by offering food (walking tacos ingredients) and possibly donuts and coffee in the morning.  Details will come the week of September 19.  We are asking for:
  • Donated items for the sale.  We are hoping to have items dropped off before/after school in the next two weeks just to see if there will be enough to have a garage sale that could be profitable.  Please contact me if you have items by emailing and letting me know approximate listing (i.e. clothes, table, car, all expense paid trip to Mackinaw:).  We can make arrangements for item drop-off the week of September 12.  If we believe there will be enough items then we will proceed.
  • Workers:  We will need people to help sort items the night before as well as workers throughout the day Saturday.
  • Food Prepers:  We will be asking for some food in order to sell walking tacos and other items.
3.  Parents Night Out - Late October?
We are hoping to host a Parents Night Out for the community, lasting around 3 hours, where parents can drop their kids off at the HS - we will have a movie, open gym, pizza, and games in the band room.  Those plans are still being finalized.  I am wanting to make sure we do not do anything that negatively impacts the GS fundraiser they do in December that is also a parents night out.
4.  Sponsors of Meals
I have had some individuals ask how they can help with the band trip.  We thought  it would be helpful to put a dollar amount to some of the meals on the trip.  We believe we can make most breakfasts for the band happen for around $200 a meal.  If you know someone that wants to contribute to the band and help/or completely sponsor a breakfast, please contact me.
I think that is it for now.  I anticipate a nearly finalized itinerary and some answered questions very soon!  Thanks for being part of this adventure!