Tremont Turks Baseball





Printable Practice Schedule w/ expectations

1. Every team member will be at all practices.
2. Sweatpants, T-Shirt and hat will be worn unless approved by coaches.
3. Practices location will be decided according to weather.
4. Practice plan will be posted on stage door before practice.
5. PRACTICE STARTS AT 3:30pm, all stretching will be done as a team, before practice.
6. Each player will be allowed to miss one morning practice and one afternoon practice.
     w/out punishment. Player needs to notify coach(es) when planning to miss practice.
7. Any practices missed, after one, will result in a mile being ran for each missed.
8. All punishment running must be completed before competing in the next game.
Varsity and JV will have two hats this year.
White Hat- $20
Maroon Hat- $20
There was interest in ordering an Maroon camo jersey with a T on the front and    
number on the back.  If we decide to get them, players will pay for their own jersey 
and be allowed to keep them.
Estimated cost of the jersey is $25