Illini-Bluffs Results

The Turks had their first wrestling tournament at Illini Bluffs & the team looked good. We know the Turks didn't have the outcome they wanted but I saw promising things to come in our near future. The coaches and I have said to them, now you have a starting point & if  you continue to believe & are willing to do the necessary work your results will show up in February. We led the tournament for the most part of the day but finished up with 3rd place. I'm proud of these kids & it's only been 3 weeks. Continue to get better Turks!!!  
Illini Bluffs Results
2nd place
Grayson Smiley
Caleb Cockrell
Caleb Schwenk
Caiden Buster
3rd place
Dylan Michel 
Zak Wagenbach
4th place
Austin Shafer
Maverick Hillman
Aaron Wagenbach 
Joshua Lashbrook
Chase Bishop
Tanner Finin
*a few matches away from placing 
Jacob Pierce
Nate Nguyen
James Getz
Terrance Gardner