Mrs. Wallace

¡Hola! Welcome to Señora Wallace’s webpage. I teach Spanish I, II, & III and also coach JV volleyball. I received my bachelor’s degree from Greenville College in May of 2014 and started teaching at Tremont in August of 2014. My class schedule is listed below.


A Day                                                                    B Day

Prep 8:00-9:25                                                   Prep 8:00-9:25

Spanish I 9:30-10:55                                        Spanish II 9:30-10:55

Lunch 10:55-11:25                                            Lunch 10:55-11:25

Spanish III 11:30-12:55                                   Spanish I 11:30-12:55

Spanish I 1:00-2:25                                           Spanish II 1:00-2:25

Homeroom 2:30-3:00                                     Homeroom 2:30-3:00